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Are you an S&T Student wanting someone to talk to about your future?  Consider participating in our Mentor a Miner program.  Ask alumni, employers, and faculty advice about determining a major, finding internships/co-ops, and career goals.  To participate, simply sign into your MinerJobs student account and click on the "Mentor a Miner" tab at the top.  You can search by degree, common interest, company, and many more to find out if there is a mentor ready to talk to you!

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Alumni, Employers, and S&T Faculty :

Are you interested in talking with current Missouri S&T students about their future? Consider joining our Mentor a Miner program to help students navigate their journey through college and searching for a career. Register in our system and start this rewarding process!

You can register as anonymous or public, and can choose how many times you are willing to be contacted per month. Then let the mentoring begin! Students can search for you by keyword, industry, and job function, as well as other criteria. Many students enjoy this experience as it gives them a relatable person to talk with about common interests.

Ready to Mentor a Miner?  Register by clicking here !

Please note: if you already have an Employer MinerJobs account, this is a different login - you will need to create a separate account.

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