Cooperative Education Program

Missouri S&T's Cooperative Education Program is designed to provide students an employment opportunity to gain practical degree-related, work experience prior to graduation. The program is set up so students can take a break from studies and work full-time for one or for a combination of semesters, such as spring/summer or summer/fall, allowing 8-9 months of work experience vs. the 3 summer months allowed for internship positions.

150-200 employers hire Missouri S&T co-op students annually, and students apply for those positions through the traditional resume/interview job search process facilitated by COER, which also works individually with students who wish to co-op with an employer who does not currently participate in the Missouri S&T co-op program.

Co-op Benefits

  • Gain future employment advantage
  • Earn a higher starting full-time salary
  • Validate your career plans
  • Option to earn academic credit
  • Network with professionals and other college students
  • Apply your textbook knowledge
  • Learn corporate recruiting strategies
  • Help finance college

Co-op Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the co-op program, a student must:

  • Be full-time degree seeking - Full-time is defined as satisfactorily carrying and passing a minimum of 12 credit hours (9 credit hours for a graduate student) in a fall or spring semester
  • Have at least a cumulative GPA of 2.0 out of 4.0 to apply to and participate in the program
  • Not be on any type of probation
  • Other eligibility requirements may be established by the sponsoring company with the concurrence of Missouri S&T.
Freshmen After first two semesters
Transfer Immediately eligible
A transfer student who is participating in a co-op program through another institution may transfer and continue the co-op affiliation subject to Missouri S&T's guidelines
Graduate (MS/PhD) After completing one semester, unless undergraduate degree is from Missouri S&T
International After completing 9 months of studies, and with academic department approval
International Students are eligible to apply for up to 12 months of Curricular Practical Training (CPT) which allows them to accept internship or co-op positions prior to graduation.  CPT is approved and issued by the Missouri S&T International Affairs Office, and can be processed within one week.  Employers do not need to sponsor international students for co-op or internship employment.

Co-op Schedule

Employers hire co-op students throughout the academic year.  Most commonly, employers prefer to recruit a student for combined semesters (summer/fall or spring/summer), and will then decide to make additional offers based on student performance and employer needs.

Other options are alternating multiple semesters of study with employment. However, this is a decision between the employer and student, and the schedule can be arranged as agreed on by the parties.

It is Missouri S&T policy that students are not away from their studies for a full academic year unless prior authorization is given by the academic department.

Co-op Work Terms

  • Fall (August - December)
  • Spring (January - May)
  • Summer/Fall (May - December)
  • Spring/Summer (January - August)

Co-op Registration Process

Once a student receives a written offer letter for a co-op job, each co-op term (summer, fall, spring) needs to be registered with the university.  To register, students should login to MinerJobs and select "Report a Co-op" (on the left hand side of the main screen).  If you are unfamiliar with MinerJobs, contact COER at or 573-341-4343.

Registering a co-op will ensure the student maintains their student status with the Registrar's Office while working away from campus.

Co-op Checklist

  1. Inform your academic advisor of your co-op plans and discuss any future curriculum changes/plans.
  2. Speak with Student Financial Assistance regarding any scholorships or loans.
  3. Notify housing that you will be off campus.
  4. Check COER's Calendar of Events for the next Co-op Send Off Party!  This is a great opportunity to get last minute questions answered before you go.

Apply for Credit

Earning degree credit for co-op is optional to students, and is at the discretion of the academic department.  Credit options should be discussed between the student and academic advisor prior to co-op registration with COER. Retroactive credit can not be granted after the co-op experience term.

Co-op work program fee is the equivalent of the educational fee for 1 in-state credit hour (regardless of residency), plus a $100 processing fee and is applied for each co-op term.

Co-op course for credit is only permitted with advisor approval. Co-ops for credit cost more than the co-op work program fee. Co-ops for credit require co-op fee of $100.00, the cost of the credits approved, and all on-campus fees paid by students attending classes at the university.

Click here to view the current fee rate. The fee does not apply academic credit to a students transcript, but if academic credit is granted, regular tuition rates apply based upon in-state/out-of state tuition and the number of hours received.

Salary, Housing, and Travel

Average Co-op Salary

Salaries and wages vary from one employer to another, as do the travel and housing benefits extended to co-op students.* Wages may be established based on student progress toward a degree (class level), GPA, and accrued work experience. Missouri S&T does not set pay rates for any participating company or agency, but does publish average monthly co-op salaries based on Missouri S&T student reports for reference. Housing or referrals are usually provided by the employers and some employers reimburse students for travel to and from co-op assignments.