Sophomore Year

As a sophomore you are now eligible to participate in the Co-op program.  Students who participate in the Co-op Program earn higher starting salaries than their counterparts and the real-world experience that they receive is highly valued by companies.  In addition, this kind of work experience can help you decide what kind of work you like and don’t like and what kinds of companies appeal to you.

  • Register with CER on the third floor of Norwood Hall – you must register EVERY semester!
  • Campus Organizations: Now that you’re involved, begin looking for leadership opportunities within the groups you are active in – these look great on a resume.
  • Update your resume! Add summer work experience, student groups, update your GPA, etc. Visit COER to have an advisor look it over.
  • Begin to investigate and consider Co-Op opportunities.  Remember: you must register any Co-Op positions you accept with COER!
  • Consider internship work  opportunities.  Companies will begin to look at you more seriously for these now that you have a year under your belt!
  • Go to both career fairs! Re-connect with companies you spoke to in your Freshman year and connect with new ones – internships and Co-ops are very real possibilities!
  • Attend new workshops at COER and brush up your skills by attending old ones.
  • Get ready by signing up for a practice interview at COER – excellent interview skills are one of the most important assets you can have for success.  Start developing them now!

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