Student Career Fair FAQs


1. When is the next Career Fair?

The Spring Career Fair will be Tuesday, February 16th, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

The Spring Career Fair is always held on the third Tuesday of February.  The Fall Career Fair is always held on the fourth Tuesday of September.

2. Do I have to attend class that day?

Yes. Please talk to your professors if you plan to miss class for the Career Fair or an interview.  You may want to offer to work ahead and turn in assignments ahead of time in order to prepare.

3. Who is allowed to attend the Career Fair?

The Career Fair is open to Missouri S&T students and alumni only. Admission to the fair requires student ID (does not apply to Alumni) and professional dress.

4. Why are companies hiring the same major not grouped together?

Since many companies hire for multiple majors at the career fair, COER is unable to group them according to major.  Additionally, there are other factors at play in regard to the floor plan.  For example, some employers prefer to not be placed near their competitors.

5. Can the career fair be split into two days?  One for intern/co-op employers and one for full-time employers?

September and February are very busy months for employer recruiting.  If the Career Fair were split into two days, many employers would only be able to attend one day and have to choose between intern/co-op or full-time in order to attend at all.  This would be a great disadvantage to our students.  This is why it is a 6 hour long career fair, allowing students to attend around their classes and labs, and employers ample time to see many students.  Employers need travel and set-up time to have a manageable work day.

6. Can the career fair be held in a different location?  Maybe Havener Center?

Missouri S&T boasts one of the largest career fairs in the Midwest.  While Havener Center is a beautiful and large facility, it is unable to accommodate the number of employers that come to the Career Fair.  The Gale Bullman Gym and Student Recreation Center are the only facilities in Rolla large enough to facilitate this large event.

7.  Why are some employers not listed on the program/map?

Unfortunately, for printing reasons, COER must cut off registration at a certain date in order to get the 3,000+ programs/maps printed.  However, some employers register for the career fair after this cut-off date, so therefore they do not make it into the program/map.  For a complete listing of employers, be sure to consult MinerJobs (even without an active account) to search employers prior to the career fair.

8. Do I need to be activated in MinerJobs or with COER to attend the Career Fair?

You should update your MinerJobs profile so your major and graduation date prints correctly at the Career Fair.

Also, many employers will post their job openings in MinerJobs prior to the Career Fair. 

9. What should I bring with me to the Career Fair?

Bring your Missouri S&T student ID card, multiple copies of your updated resume, a great attitude and a friendly smile. It is recommended to have your resumes in a portfolio/padfolio along with a pen and paper, in case you need to take notes.

10. What should I wear?

Dress in professional business attire. FOR MEN, that means dress pants, dress shirt, a tie and dress shoes. A suit jacket is not required but highly encouraged. FOR WOMEN, a skirt or dress pants, a professional blouse and dress shoes would be a minimum requirement. Again, a suit jacket is not required but encouraged. Remember, this is similar to an interview so you should dress accordingly.

11. Why am I required to wear the name badge given to me at the entrance?

The name badge has important information to let employers know more about you. It lists your name, class standing and major. A red dot sticker means you will be graduating soon.


12. Why are the lines to get into the Career Fair so long?

Occasionally, the lines for check-in get congested if a computer malfunctions or it is right after class lets out, and multiple students arrive at one time.

Please note that there are multiple entrances to the Gale Bullman Multi-Purpose Building - 1) At the corner of 10th and Bishop streets (two doors), 2) From the parking lot across from the Solar Village, 3) At the entrance to the Student Recreation Center (near the work-out facility, facing the Miner Dome) Additionally, at entrances (1) and (2) there are multiple tables to check in at.

COER teams are working hard to trouble shoot any computer problems and move the lines through as quickly as possible.  We are adding additional scanners/printers for future career fairs, to make the lines move more quickly.

13. Why do some companies have so few representatives at their booths?  This made for very long lines!

At career fair time, employers are spread pretty thin.  Most colleges have career fairs all within a few weeks of each other, so employers must split up their representatives to go to each career fair, all while maintaining a presence at their office.  They do not always have the ability or the money to send many representatives.  While COER encourages employers to send at least 4, and many more for the larger companies, we cannot require them to do so.

14.  Why should I attend the Career Fair if many of the employers tell me to apply for their positions online?

The career fair is a networking event.  Some employers do require you to apply online so your information can be added to their database. However, meeting recruiters face-to-face, making a great first impression and networking are important tools in your job search process; for these reasons, you should attend the Career Fair.  Most employers will note who they spoke with at the career fair, and then compare that to who applied online, and then follow up with candidates that way.

15. How should I prepare for the Career Fair?

  • Schedule an appointment with COER to have your resume reviewed early in the semester (don’t procrastinate because the appointment calendar fills up quickly during the weeks leading up to the Career Fair).
  • Review the list of employers, and their location in the Gale Bullman Multi-purpose Building, which is posted on the COER website one week prior to the event.
  • Research the companies that interest you and be prepared to give a power introduction highlighting your accomplishments.
    • The Career Fair program can be found at: on the right hand side bar.  This is posted the week prior to the Career Fair

16. I am an international student. Will any companies be at the Career Fair to hire international students?

Yes. A list of companies seeking to employ international students will be posted on the COER website about a week before the Career Fair. You can find this information at: > Students > Career Fair > International students (on right side of webpage) > Employers hiring International students.

Also, talk with a Career Advisor about the job search database “GoinGlobal” offered by COER.  This site has a number of opportunities posted for international students.

17. Can I get a list of employers who are hiring for my major?

Your Department Chair is supplied a list roughly one week prior to the career fair with the names of the employers who have expressed interest in the majors in their department.  However, you can do your own search as well:

Log onto MinerJobs and then follow this path:

> Career Fair and Events (on task bar at top) > Search Employers > Advanced Search > Majors (choose your major) > Search

You can also research companies that interest you by going directly to their websites. Often times, this is the best place to find information about positions that are available, the business segment in which the company operates, how well the company is doing financially, issues the company is facing, etc. This information can provide great talking points at the Career Fair or in an interview.

18.  I get lots of give-aways and papers, but there is nowhere to set stuff down and re-group!

COER provides "Student Stations" at each end of the Student Recreation Center and at the entrances to the Gale Bullman Gym.  There is water, lint rollers, mints, safety pins, and room to set items down and take a break here.