Inside the Miner’s Studio

New Livestreamed Event:

“Inside the Miner’s Studio” is a new regular event wherein Miners from around the globe can tune in to watch a live conversation with successful alumni. Intended to be both entertaining and informative, the questions are all anecdotal in nature and are designed to elicit career advice, uncover past memories and strengthen the Miner network through our common bond. 

Sponsored by: Career Opportunities and Employer Relations, the Office of Development, the Office of Student Involvement and the Miner Alumni Association.

Upcoming Episodes

TUESDAY, July 21st @ 7pm CST 

Guest: Mike Repperger, Computer Science ‘97

Senior Service Engineer at Microsoft

Zoom Link:


Archived Episodes

May 5, 2020

Guest: Danny Ryan ME’12

 May 26, 2020

Guest: Rachel Jung MBA'09

July 21, 2020

Guest: Michael Repperger CSci'97