Employer Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Benefits

Career Opportunities and Employer Relations is dedicated to ensuring our employers gain access and visibility to some of the nations top students. We utilize the most effective marketing strategies to foster meaningful connections between employers and students at every turn. Combining visual graphics and digital marketing, we embody the technology forward culture here at Missouri S&T that employers value most.  From personalized infographics on critical resources at Career Fair to rolling advertisements in our state of the art advising center, there are many great sponsorship opportunities to choose from.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Etiquette Dinner is open to all S&T students and includes a 5 course meal with hosts explaining the fundamentals of proper dining etiquette. Traditional corporate sponsorship includes marketing on event materials, distribution of materials at the event, and the opportunity for employer representatives to participate in the event while serving as table hosts. Participation averages between 60-100 students per event.

Employers can sponsor an interview room in Career Opportunities and Employer Relations to host personal on-campus interviews and showcase company achievements. The interview suites are located in 307 Norwood Hall.

2015-2020 Employer Sponsorship Suites

Life at Missouri S&T is fast paced and increasingly tech dependent for providing the most up to date and important information for students on the go. Missouri S&T Career Opportunities and Employer Relations is  getting ahead of the game to increase brand exposure by providing multiple sponsorship opportunities that tap into the most effective marketing strategies.‌ Learn more about how you can increase visibility with some of the nations top students through our new Employer Sponsorship Program!

Over 2,500 students attend the Missouri S&T Career Fair every semester. Sponsoring the Career Fair Program creates a meaningful industry impression for students. To sponsor the career fair you'll need to talk with your recruiting assistant.

Learn more about the career fair

Since 2007, Career Opportunities and Employer Relations has maintained a free suit closet for students to help them prepare for interviews, the career fair and the first day on the job. Employer partnership benefits include branding in the Suit Closet and providing students with promotional items.

Employer Days allow employers to showcase their company and engage with students while providing educational or networking events on campus. To participate, your company must be a recognized Top Corporate Partner in the following areas:

  •      Hiring
  •      Alumni
  •      Philanthropy
  •      Research


  • Information sessions to classes or clubs
  • Information booths/tables set up in areas with high student traffic
  • Bar-b-que, picnic, or meal on campus or in a nearby park
  • Sponsorship of the Career Guide - given to each student visiting COER for advising
  • Equipment for student computer center
  • LCD display of educational materials and employer messages

To learn more, please lease contact William Zwikelmaier, MEd., Director of Career Opportunities and Employer Relations at zwikelmaier@mst.edu.