On average, 378 companies are registered to attend Missouri S&T career fairs. 

These events offer employers an opportunity to network with over 2,900 students and alumni seeking full-time jobs, co-ops or summer internships. The average starting salary for undergraduates with Missouri S&T degrees is over $77,000. The average starting salary for graduate students is over $93,000. 

A current list of employers attending the upcoming Career Fair can be found by accessing Career Fair Plus.

Upcoming Events

2024 Fall Career Fair

Internship/Co-Op Fair:
Tuesday, Sept 24, 9am-2pm

Full Time Fair:
Wednesday, Sept 25, 9am-2pm

Professional dress required

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Career Fair Info

Preparing for the Career Fair

What?: Missouri S&T students are quite used to being courted by hundreds of company recruiters each semester and this year is no exception.  On Tuesday & Wednesday, September 24-25th, S&T will host the Fall Career Fair.  Here is what you need to know to successfully traverse the fair this year.

When/Where?:  The fair is Tuesday & Wednesday, September 24-25, at the Gale-Bullman Rec Center, from 9am to 2pm. 

How?: The fair can (and should) be accessed using the Career Fair Plus mobile app.  From there students will be able to filter by major and industry to plan their route through the fair with an interactive map that gives details of each company. There will not be a printed map, plan to bring your mobile device to the fair. 

What Else?: Students should plan to adhere to the strict professional dress code for the Career Fair.  The COER in Norwood Hall has resources, including the free Career Closet, to help students to acquire professional dress, so that the requirement doesn’t operate as a barrier to participation.  

Anything Else?: Don’t forget to bring printed copies of your resume to the in-person fair and upload your resume to your Career Fair Plus profile.  This is VERY important.  Employers can’t (and won’t) contact you for follow-up questions/offers if they don’t have your contact information.  

Is that it?: Yeah, pretty much.  Go download the app, build your profile, upload your resume, print your resume, look at attending companies, map your route, prepare your power introduction, find your professional clothes, buy a comb, use a comb, get a job/co-op/internship.  That’s it.  

Need help?  Contact career@mst.edu with any questions you may have.  


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