Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Networking Etiquette

Social media networking is a valuable tool to create a positive image for yourself online. You can also gain information about employers and network with people who could provide assistance in finding a job.

Showcase your skills and experience. Connect with people who can help in your career search to build your network in advance. Join groups on social networking sites, post on discussion boards, and moderate discussion boards.

Ensure your updated resume matches your LinkedIn, Facebook and other profiles. Rework job descriptions on your resume when targeting a specific company, but keep job titles and dates consistent in online profiles and on your resume.

Tweets, blogs and photos all show up when you do a Google search. Set up Google Alerts so you know anytime your name is mentioned online.

Posts can show up in searches on Twitter (even without a hashtag). Bosses, managers and recruiters are searching social media profiles for potential candidates.